Our core value

In today's fast-paced business environment, companies face numerous unresolved challenges with limited time to assess feasibility, generate new concepts, test ideas, create prototypes, and design viable products.

Although encountering pitfalls in the innovation process is common, it is crucial to minimize them to ensure swift access to new markets. Our team of experts, including engineers, designers, scientists, and producers located worldwide, collaborates virtually to deliver efficient results within tight timelines.

While AI garners significant attention, human intelligence remains paramount in addressing highly complex industrial and innovation challenges. Our ability to leverage the latest technologies in our innovation process has positioned our competencies at the cutting edge.


"Are you seeking a fresh idea, a novel concept, or a disruptive approach? We're here, attentive and prepared to provide efficient support. Our agile process encompasses ideation, component identification, material selection, pre-design feasibility, cost analysis, supplier search, IP verification, and beyond. Let us assist you in bringing your vision to life."


"Encountering a technology challenge? We've delved into uncharted territories, crafting visionary solutions even without prior experience. Engineering new technologies often requires a blend of domain expertise and external insights. Having successfully navigated this multidisciplinary complexity on numerous occasions, we're primed to tackle the next frontier."

AI Assisted

"Are you seeking to integrate AI support into your development process? We've embarked on projects where AI serves as a crucial differentiator, elevating engineering capabilities to new heights. We're excited to support you in this endeavor and contribute to the success of your transition to AI-assisted development."

Fluid control

Swissinnov has developed its own high precision pump "NaoPump". For more details visit